/ Introduction

There are many installations with a very large product catalogue and only a little fragment is used. 

For that reason, there should be created a Product archive for inactive products.

An inactive product is a product which is not assigned to anything like a display of v4k etc.

/ Active product

A product is considered active if assigned to a display, a vision or a vision4k.

/ Inactive product

An inactive product will not have any audit

No product template, product schedule will be saved

It is not possible to set position on an inactive product

Inactive products will not be included in recalculation jobs

Only Product number, reorder code, description and product references will be saved on an inactive product.

Manual fields will still work on an inactive product


/ Archive routine

A routine job will run every night to archive products in active product catalog which is no longer active.

An active product will be moved to inactive when it have not been active for 14 days

Archive mean move the active product to inactive product.

When a product being archived the audit trail will be removed.


/ Deactivation of product archive

It will be possible on installation and groups with product catalog to disable product archive. If product archive is disabled, all products will be treated as active. This is useful when using a price checker or similar on installation.