Battery type: CR2450

Place ESL face-down on a flat surface OR using your hands hold the ESL around the bezel avoiding applying pressure on the screen.
Using your fingers peel back the label from the top left of the battery cover.

Once peeled off you will be able to uncover a small latch to release the cover. Using your fingers, pull upwards and away from the ESL to the right which will open the battery compartment

Once opened you will notice battery latches as indicated on the image. The battery latches requires to be pulled back using your finger or thumb.

Using your other hand, with a finger or thumb apply some pressure gently onto the battery opposite the battery latch. This will pop the battery upwards away from the battery compartment, releasing it

Repeat step 3 and 4 to remove the left battery from compartment

You can manually check that display is working by force updating the display.
If you don't force update the display it is no problem. The display will update the next time the system has an update for the display.