Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

With Multi-Factor Authentication you have the option to add an additional layer of security to the login procedure. This becomes an extra step after entering your password, where you must confirm the login. 


OTP Authenticator App

OTP is a widely used format for multi-factor authentication. This means that there is a variety of applications you can use to utilize this technology. Examples include Microsoft Authenticator and Google Authenticator. Here you are welcome to use your own favorite authenticator application to confirm your login credentials.

Microsoft Authenticator:  Android, iOS

Google Authenticator: Android, iOS



To set up the OTP Authentication in your app of choice you will have to either scan the provided QR code or enter the provided key manually. If you do this by entering the key, the key is not case sensitive, and the spaces don’t matter.

Once you have scanned the QR code or input the key, your app will respond with a verification code you must enter on our authentication page.



With OTP enabled on your account, after entering your password on the login page you will be asked to enter the code visible in your authentication app of choice.




With FIDO2 Multi-factor authentication on Breece Auth you are able to use any authentication solution that supports the FIDO2 protocol. If you e.g. have a USB authenticator that supports FIDO2, you can use this to confirm your login.



When setting up the FIDO2 multi-factor authentication your browser will pop up with a step by step wizard that guides you through the process. It can alter slightly depending on your web-browser of choice. You will here be able to choose your desired authentication device.



With a FIDO2 MFA enabled on your account, after entering your password on the login page you will be asked to confirm your login process through your desired device.



Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single-Sign-On allows you to login through an external platform, such as using your Microsoft Entra ID rather than your Breece login information. 

When registering, e.g. your Microsoft account, you will be logging in with this ID, which will link your external login with the Breece account.

On the login screen you can now instead log in with the external login provider.