How to send RMA package(s) to Delfi:


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Before sending displays:


It is a good idea to perform some tests on displays before sending them to Delfi.

  • Make sure the display is within coverage.
  • Make sure the display has full battery.
  • Check warranty

Why do you need to check this?

If the display is out of coverage, it means we cannot communicate with it, but it doesn't necessarily mean the display is broken. The same applies to battery voltage. By ensuring sufficient battery voltage, you also ensure that low battery voltage is not the reason we cannot communicate with the display. This way, you limit the number of displays sent to Delfi and reduce your expenses.

Check warranty

There are diffrent ways to check warranty on displays

Via Website:


Here it is possible to check a single display or upload at list of display serial numbers.

Single: Type serial number and click "Search"

Multiple serial numbers from file: Uopload .txt file with one serial number for each line.

Result can be downloaded.

Via BreeceGo, Breece Mobile Assist or Breece Mobile Assist light

From main menu click oin the top right burger menu. From here click "Warranty lookup". Simply scan the display and see the result.

Please send faulty display within warranty to us to be processed 

You deside if you want to send displays without warranty to us

See below chapter "How a replacement case proceeds" - on now we process displays within /without warrranty.

Sending displays to Delfi.

After the self-check, please create RMA notice and send displays to Delfi:


Unless otherwise agreed - Send to:


Delfi Technologies A/S 

Attention: Breece RMA

Valdemarshaab 11

4600 Køge 



Unless otherwise agreed - Create RMA notice

Open your browser and go to your cloud installation.

Click on the package icon in the top right corner on the screen:


Click “Print RMA notice”

The system will autofill most of the required information.

You can change the information as you like – e.g. the return address:



In the “Colli information” – Please add the number of colli (packages) you want to send.

Now click – “Download PDF”. 

Now you can open and print the PDF file.


Please add one print inside each package you send to Delfi 

(Example below there are 2 packages = 2 colli). 

Packaging instructions

When it's necessary to return displays, it's important to avoid any damage during transportation. Please follow the guidelines below. Make sure the printed labels can be easily and clearly located inside the box.


Shipping in Original packaging.

It's always best to use the original packaging when returning displays. There is room for 5 pieces in each compartment. Always place displays screen against screen, to protect them from scratches. The excess space should be filled with foam or a similar material, otherwise they may collapse during shippin

Always place screen against screen             Place 5 in each room.                                Fill empty room with foam.


Shipping in non-original packaging

If the original packaging is lost or damaged, use a sturdy cardboard box in good condition and pack the displays securely. Pack them individually or, for example, in packs of 6 with screen against screen in bubble wrap or similar, as illustrated below.

 Wrap bobblewrap around or similar.       Place screen against screen                      Close package with tape.

 Place package side by side                        Fill the void with protective foam or similar.            


Wrong Packaging

"We unfortunately often see displays being packed in large cardboard boxes without any separation or individual packaging. This can cause damage to displays during shipping".


It is not enough whit linen cloth           No protection or fixation                         Original box without separator.


Not packaged screen against screen.   Lying loose, not protected.                 No bobble wrap envelope.


How a replacement case proceeds


  • CUSTOMER: Properly pack the electronic shelf edges to be returned for replacement according to our packing instructions.
  • CUSTOMER: Send displays with currier to the shipping address, REMEMBER to save the package numbers for later tracking if necessary.
  • DELFI: Receives and registers the case in our systems.
  • DELFI: Inspects and registers all displays by serial number. Each serial number is looked up in our database. Displays are sorted into "within warranty", "out of warranty", and "physically damaged."
  • Note: If you send a package containing displays where some are within warranty and others are out of warranty, the case is split into two and handled separately.


Within warranty: 

Displays with warranty are tested, replaced, and sent back as soon as possible.

Out of warranty: 

When displays are out of warranty, Delfi is not obligated to handle them. You will receive an offer from Delfi with three options:

  1. Delfi performs a test of the displays and charge a testing fee. We send back all good displays, ready to use. Note: Delfi tests only if the display works, but does not consider image quality. Delfi does not attempt to repair displays or replace batteries. 
  2. Delfi dispose displays and charge a handling fee (registration + deletion in cloud or on premises)
  3. Delfi returns displays without testing or handling (registration fee + return fee)


  • If Delfi does not hear from the customer within 30 days after sending the offer, Delfi handles the displays according to option 2 (out of warranty).

Physically damaged: 

Physically damaged displays are disposed by Delfi in an environmentally friendly manner (registered in the within-warranty case).

  • DELFI: Return Displays to customer.

Good advise

Saving the original packaging is the best and safest way to transport displays. 

Always keep in mind that the box will be handled roughly during shipping - the better it's packed, the greater the chance that all displays will make it through the journey in good condition.


If you got any questions, please contact you local support department via