There are 2 ways to add displays to a Breece Cloud installation

Before you start, make sure your displays are in reach of the Master Antenna (within 5m). The Master Antenne is the antenna with an orange sticker on the front plate:

1st Way - Use Mobile app on handheld or mobile Phone:

Select "Add display(s)" in the app and scan all display serial numbers to be added. When the display(s) shows "Ready to Use" they can be moved to right location and linked to a product.

If you have trouble adding displays please contact Breece Support.

2nd Way - Use Breece Cloud to Add display(s):

If you want to add and configure multiple displays, the easy way is to use Breece Cloud. 

Log on to Breece Cloud and select the Display Pane.

Scroll to the bottom and select Display Batch: 

Here you can either upload the text file which contains the serial numbers or you can scan the display serielnumbers directly.

When all display serial numbers are added to the input field (uploaded from file or scanned directly), press  the " Add Display buttun.

The display configuration are finished, when the displays shows Ready to Use. The displays can now be moved to location and linked to product.

If you have trouble adding displaysplease contact Breece Support.