BreeceGo and Control your Breece Cloud System in your Palm.

Use BreeceGo both on dedicated mobile handheld devices and mobile phones.

BreeceGo is supported on Android version 6 and later and on IOS 8 and later.

We also support Android 5 and under but with a separate APK version. 

Get BreeceGo for Android on Google Play and IOS on App Store.



Scan the QR code you got in e-mail, printed paper, or web  

login is to scan a QR code. 

The login configuration can be reached by tapping the 3 dots in the upper right corner. 

Here it is possible to switch between 2D and 1D barcodes for login.

After the first login, it's time to name the app/device

The name is later used as a reference for registered devices.


Main screen

On the main screen, you will see all the BreeceGo actions

(optional) - Logging in with Access Duration Time (set in Breece Cloud) 

the remaining login time is shown at the bottom of the screen

Push out messages to users. 

At the top of the screen, it is possible for the cloud system to push out messages to users. 

When tapping the yellow bar with the message at the top, the whole message can be read.


Main Upper Menu (Dashboard):

After logging in, the Dashboard appears in the upper part of the screen. It is showing:

Red is an alert

Yellow is a warning

Green is OK

Grey is nothing is available. 

Tap the Tile if you want to see more detailed information. 


Tap the antenna tile to get further information. 

Dynamic Communicator is tapped, and it is possible to test its connection. 

Tap the Test connectivity (Ping)

If there is no connection to the master antenna, the system can not communicate with the displays. 

If you want to see

 the antenna's position, tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner and press See position of antenna.


here you can see the Display status 

  • Failed displays
  • Displays with low battery voltage 
  • displays Ok 

OK Displays

Tap on the tile this will bring you the list of the display 

you can then tap on the displays to give further information about the display.

When a finger is holding onto the picture of the display, it is possible to save, copy or share the picture. 

This can be usefull in support situations.


Low Battery Displays 

All displays due to the low battery are listed here and can be seen by tapping the tile. 

When a display appears in Low Battery then the battery change is due and the batteries have approximately 3 months of power left before they run out. 

(In the store: Find the low-powered display by finding the attached product)

By swiping left on the displays in the list or by tapping the display in list to see details 

it is possible to handle low bat. We will guide you to change the batteries.

Failed Displays 

To interact with the Display 

  • swiping left it is possible to delete, 
  • reconfiguringForce update or reconfigure is to try to fix the error 

Reasons for display failure can be:

Out of the Antennas reach

Failed network configuration

Displays completely out of battery

Data Sync ( Import) 

By tapping Data Sync, the status of the import is shown.

This can come in handy to find errors in the system. 

If there are no imports, Control the ERP Export. 

By tapping the 3 dots in the upper right corner, it is possible to see the import history and if there are faulty imports.


Here is a list of other devices run by the Breece Cloud.

Vision4K is the 4K price-enabled Digital Signage system Powered by Breece Cloud to be used on large screens.

When the Vision4K is offline it appears here with the color red and can be tapped and actions are taken.

Stretch displays is an AC-powered display, that can be mounted on a shelf and can be divided into different parts ESL-like.

When the Stretch display is offline it appears here with the color red and can be tapped and actions are taken.

All working devices have a green color to the left of the device name.

Main Center Menu:

In the main center menu it is possible to swipe between 2 overviews:

The Insight - Display overview, where Failed - Low Battery - OK can be tapped and actions made like on the Display status in the upper main menu.

By swiping left, the insight - Display Queue appears and the queue progress can be followed.


Main Lower Menu:

The buttons can be configured in Breece Cloud to be visible, not visible, or protected by a SuperUser password. 

When selecting a menu that requires a super user password - this has to be entered for each use.

BreeceGo Actions

The different actions give you some powerful tools to manage your Breece Cloud system.

To make input either use a built-in keyboard, Laser scanner, or Camera scanning.

If default is camera - switch between camera and kayboard by tapping the keyboard icon.


Make sure your device is online.

Scan the display barcode, second scan the product barcode to create a link between an ESL and a product. 

Notice that it is possible to search for a product by tapping the search icon.

Optional: After scanning the display it is possible the change the display layout - if multiple layouts are possible.

Asign with positions

To set position on a display, first, a store plan must be uploaded to Breece Cloud on the installation. 

Second, the setting Promt for the position can be set.

There are allways a default Layout to beused. If there are alternative layouts i is possible to change it on the fly when assigned to a product, by pressing the desired layout.

If there are more floor plans than one, choose the one you want to position the display on and mark the position with your finger and hit checkmark on the upper right corner to save it.

1. Scan display

2. Choose

3. Select the floor plan to position the display

4. Mark where the display is and then in the upper right corner checkmark it.


Assign Video to Stretch display

  • Scan the Stretch  display barcode, 
  • click on the layout you want to use
  • click on the video you what to be shown

Add product to the video layout

  • click on Add another product
  • scan or type the product
  • click on the arrows to move the product on the Stretch display
  • click on the check mark when done

Search product 

  • use the Search product if you do not have a barcode or know the product number

            here you can search for the name and number of the product

Chance the design and video on the Stretch display

  • scan the display
  • click on the 3 dots

here you can change the design and the video that is shown on the display


scan display barcode to remove the link between ESL and the product

Assign Manual Values 

Enter or scan product number to Assign Manuel Values, defined on Breece Cloud. 

If several manual values have to be assigned, press the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the screen. 

Then it is possible to make a batch assign.

Press the "Batch assign manual values" type or press the right arrow in the upper right corner and scan the batch of displays required. 

Flash to Find 

Scan a product number to make the linked display(s) flash the LED. If the display does not have LED, the Screen will flash. 

Product Lookup 

Scan a linked display serial number or product number to see the product information.


Scan a display serial number to refresh the display (Forcing new image from cloud)

Position Management

Scan the positioned display. Press the 3 dots in the upper right corner. Choose to change position or to remove the display position. To change position jo choose change position and mark the map with the new position and hit the checkmark in the upper right corner of the screen.

Display Health Check 

Scan a display serial number to get a display health check and get information about the display and batteries.


Scan a blank display serial number to add the display to the system. 

To add a display it is important that the display is within reach of the master antenna. 

The display will receive a configuration and will be ready to use (This might take a few minuttes).

Displays is ready when image is shown.


Scan a display to delete it from the system. After deletion, it can not be used on the system it has been deleted from. To make it work see the +Add section above


To replace a display, first scan to "old" display and then the new display. After the replace, the image from the old display will be transferred to the new display

Flip Image (only configurable from Breece support - not default option) 

Scan a display to turn it upside down, so the image will flip 180 degrees.

+Add and Flip image (only configurable from Breece support - not default option) 

scan a display to a and flip it in one routine. Be aware, that the display has to be within reach of the master antenna.

BreeceGo Configuration Menu:

In the upper right corner, you will find a menu with further interaction. 

Device Name 

When scanning the login code, you will be prompted to name your app/device, so as to identify it in Breece Cloud


when you see a red dot here it means, there are new messages. Tab to read. 

Messages can be system messages with Communicator fallout and import failures, 

but also messages sent to the device from Breece Cloud.

By tapping the 3 dots in the upper left corner, it is possible to mark all messages as read.

Subscription of various alerts can be configured in cloud.

Warranty Lookup 

Scan a display's serial number to see warranty information. 


The settings here can either be inherited from the settings from Breece Cloud or the configuration can be set on device. 

If the configurations come from Breece Cloud and settings might be locked and not possible to change. 

Other can be overridden on the device.


When tapped the available languages to use can be seen

Device Queue Update 

When set the Queue information will be updated on the device (Default is enabled)

Hide Insight Widget 

When set, the main center menu disappears and there is a more compact mode of BreeceGo as seen below

Default Input Method 

BreeceGo can be used with Keyboard, Laser Scanner, or Camera according to the device it will be used on. 

This setting set the default input method. 

On mobile phones, the Camera is preferred 

On Handheld devices with built-in lasers, the Built-in laser scanner is preferred

Display Features 

Check for displays status - When enabled this feature will whenever a display is scanend (thats is not OK) - the user will be asked if the user wish to continue with using this display.

Product Features 

Should be when the user wished a leading text to be deleted from product input when ever this is made.

Camera Barcode Scanning 

configuration setting for scanning barcodes with the mobile phone's camera. 

Press to scan - is the option to tap on the phone to activate a scan.

Confirm Camera input so that you get feedback after every scan made.


This is the camera and phone settings. 

Enable Beep (Sound) and enable Vibration

Continuous Scanning 

This setting is used to make it easier to continue to scan without interruption.

Preferred Resolution 

Sets the resolution of the camera. 

By default, it is set to Auto. Certain phones can benefit from a fixed resolution.

Barcode Symbology 

Here all barcodes ( Symbology) can be enabled according to the standards used in certain areas and countries.

Barcode Symbology Properties 

When enabled, the barcode is altered. 

Either remove leading Zeros, 

Scan a UPC-E as a UCP-A or convert UPC to EAN

Point Mobile Override

Only for piont Mobile devices.

This option is used when multible app are used on same device but using different scan wedge setting. 

When enabled - will make sure scan wedge options are briefly changed to make BreeceGo work and will the returned back to the previous setting when BreeceGo is not in focus or cloced.

Switch Installation 

Is not visible unless the BreeceGo User has access to more than one installation. 

If there is access to more than one installation,

the installations are shown here and It is possible to switch between those installations.