How to find the BMA Tilesmenu 

  • click on the logo below

  • click on BMA configuration

  • click on menu

here you can drag and drop the tiles you need or remove the tiles you don't need

how to add a tile

  • Click on a tile you what and drag it into the BMA and where you what it to be

How to remove a tile.

  • Click on a tile and hold the mouse button in and drag the tile in the grey area (see the picture below)

How to add: Row

Click on the logo to add a row

you can have a maximum of 3 rows on each page  

  • you can't add a row if the top row is empty

  • each row can only contain a maximum of  3 tiles

How to add a Page

if you need more pages for your tiles or need bigger tiles then you can add a new page

Click on the page and 

A new empty page will appear and here you can drag the tiles to the new row.

How to remove a page

  • you need to drag all the tiles back to the tiles menu then the page will be removed

How to Reset to fault

if you need to go back to the default tiles click the button

How to Clear

This will remove all the rows, tiles, and pages 


Click on save to save all your new configuration