This feature makes it possible to notify user(s) about alerts from the cloud space.


Go to “Subscribers”

Here you can see all the subscribers for the installation or installation group and see what they are subscribed to.

To see and add a custom configuration, click the “Alarm Configuration” in the lower left. 


There are 5 different alarms to subscribe to.

MasterCommunicator – Lost connection to Master Communicator

Communicators – Lost connection to one of the antennas.

Imports – Import failed

ImportWarnings – Import was partially successful – meaning not all products are imported.

NoImport – There have not been any import files for ‘X’ amount of time. ‘X’ amount is set in the configuration.



To create a new configuration, click the “Add alarm configuration”.

  1. Enter a name for the configuration – This will also be the email subject.
  2. Select what kind of alarm that should trigger an email to the subscriber(s).
  3. Should there be sent an email, notifying the subscriber about the alarm is no longer active?
  4. For how long should the alarm be active before an email is sent?



The “NoImport” configuration is different, here you can select to ignore one or more days in the week. 



Here I have created several configurations:


Once the alarm configuration has been created, go back to “Subscribers”.


In the lower left, click “Add email subscription”.


  1. Add the email of the subscriber. 
  2. Select one of the alarm configurations that should be subscribed to.
  3. If “Override” is selected, it uses the config template and allows the user to modify the parameters; “Name”, “Threshold”, “Notify when lowered”.
  4. Click save.