Cloud User Guide - Dynamic Communicator Antennas

This guide will explain where to find the Dynamic Communicator Antennas on your Cloud system and give insight on how to troubleshoot if they are offline

The Antennas page

To find your antennas, navigate to your Cloud system and look for the antenna icon on the blue top action bar:

On the Antennas page, you will see a list of the communicators currently on your system:

Communicator Type - This indicates if the antenna is a Master or Range Extender. 

Communicator Name - This is customizable and can be renamed to match a location in the store

Channel - This indicates which radio communication channel the antenna is using - can be set between 1 and 9

Hostname - This is the IP address for the communicator - the dynamic/master communicator will most likely not represent an IP from your environment because it is set up with a VPN tunnel to the Delfi server

Operational Mode - This determines which antenna is used for configuring new displays and should always be set to Configure and update for the master/dynamic antenna and Update only for Range Extenders

Operational Status - There are 3 states: Operational, Initializing, and Disconnected.

  • Operational means the antenna is online and working as intended. 
  • Initializing means the antenna is either starting up and waiting to become operational (can take up to 5 minutes), or the antenna has entered the display resynchronization phase (more about that later). 
  • Disconnected means the antenna is not communicating with our servers. Common causes are no internet connection or no power. 
  • Always verify that the green dot is constantly lit on the antenna. 
  • See picture below:

Serial Number - The serial number can be found on the front and on the back of the antenna 

when the plastic slider is taken off (see pictures below)

OrangeDot -The orange dot indicates what antenna is the Master antenna