Display Failure

Troubleshooting steps for displays not working

Are the displays physically damaged? Unlink, delete from the system, recycle

Do the displays show a low battery icon? Replace the battery and force update the display up to three times

Here you can watch how to change batteries: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk1ltmDlkzw

If the above steps don't work, try deleting a display from the installation and add it again afterward

Lastly, return the displays to Delfi for RMA

What status is the display showing in Breece Cloud?

Failed to network configure:

The display did not receive its configuration under the add to the system. Try to reconfigure the display or delete the display and add it again


The antenna was unable to locate the display - verify battery status and location of the display - move closer to the antenna if possible - make sure the radio signal is not obstructed by any objects.

Low battery:

Replace the battery as soon as possible - remember to force update up to three times immediately after battery swap.

DisplayAPI errors:

If the display is showing API error under status, check display history for a more detailed description of the issue: