Display Failure

Troubleshooting steps for displays not working

  • Are the displays physically damaged? Unlink, delete from the system, recycle
  • Do the displays show a low battery icon? Replace the battery and force update the display up to three times
  • Here you can watch how to change batteries: 
  • If the above steps don't work, try deleting a display from the installation and adding it again afterward
  • Lastly, return the displays to Delfi for RMA


What status is the display showing in Breece Cloud?


Below are the different status messages the display will report and a guideline for how to react if necessary. 


The last communication was successful, no errors were detected, no actions are needed.


The display is currently queued for being updated, review the list of current jobs to get details about this process. The system will normally be able to process ~4000 Chroma21 per hour, the larger display, the lower throughput.


See “Failed Update” which covers the same scenario. 


Last communication with the displays has failed, it means that the current information on the display might be wrong. The system has tried to communicate several times to the display with no luck, the reason could be out of coverage or failure on the display

▪ Verify that the display is within the coverage of the antenna. 

▪ Force Update to re-send the latest data to the display. 

▪ Replace batteries and then try a Force Update again.

▪ If the problem persists, delete the display from the system and return it to our repair center. 


By each communication, the system updates battery level, and when it becomes critical and it is estimated to run out of battery within the next 3 months, 

a battery icon is shown on the display and the system reports a Low Battery warning. 

It is recommended to replace the batteries as soon the battery icon Warning appears.

Replace batteries and then perform  2 Force Updates to enforce

 a new communication to the display.

if that does not work try to do a force update near the master antenna 


The assigned product is not found in the database, a warning is shown on the display (Product not found) as well. It is possible to configure if it should be allowed to assign a display to an unknown product or not doing the assignment – if allowed, and the product is not found, it will warn on both the display and in the system overview. 


No valid design is found in the system, this often happens if you bring in a new type

size of the display into an existing system without having a design prepared for it. The solution will be to extend the design for the new display type. 


The display is configured by us and is ready for use directly on the shelf. 


The display is configured and is ready for use, try to assign the display to a product, or perform a force update to ensure it works properly. 


 The display is not fully configured, which means that it is not fully functional. Follow the steps on “Not configured” which are the same procedures to handle a failed system

network configuration state. 


The display is not configured, which means that it is not fully functional. ▪ Reconfigure the display, bring it close to the master Dynamic Communicator with the operation mode “Configure and update” and click reconfigure in the web GUI. ▪ If reconfigure not helps, try to delete the display, wait for the job to complete, and then try to add the display again. It is important that this action is performed near to the master Dynamic Communicator with the operation mode “Configure and update”. ▪ Try to replace the batteries and retry the above steps. ▪ If the problem persists, delete the display from the system and return it to our repair center

If nothing of the above helps your situation or if any further questions, 

please contact our support team at 


or by phone at +45 70233677