External Media Provider Guide 

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    Media contains:




Media List:

Media List is a list of pictures, that can be used in the layout of the displays. 

For example, a logo or a picture of a product can be used.

Picture file extensions can be *.bmp, *.jpg, *.png. 

We cache pictures and they are shown until deleted. 

To delete pictures, mark the line of the picture, click picture detail, and delete. 

To download a picture, 

  • mark the line,
  • right-click on the picture you choose to get 
  •  choose Save Picture.


Media Providers:

for external Media banks and can be used with our Digital Signage solution Vision 4K



Here it is possible to select a predefined provider or add a new one:

If the Media provider is not predefined then it is possible to add new ones.

 All Media Providers must be certified to obtain connections.

Select Provider: This is the general URL to the media provider.

Configuration Name: The Name for the Media provider configuration. Typically named the Media provider’s name.

Cache time (hours): This is the time that the cloud caches the media.

URL: Specific URL to Media Bank.

FileExt: Here file extensions can be specified to allow a search of certain files to be used.


Here is an external media provider example 




Here is an example of a predefined Media Provider: 




It is also possible to connect to an FTP or sFTP site and define the FTP/sFTP settings:



To do so:

  • Choose the Media Provider as FTP or sFTP.
  • Give the provider an installation name.
  • Choose a cache time ( Default 10 minutes )
  • Provide the FTP/sFTP sites IP address ( Hostname )
  • Provide the username for the FTP/SFTP site
  • Provide the password for the FTP/SFTP site
  • Choose the encryption to use
  • Choose the port to use ( Default FTP port = 21 Default sFTP port = 22 )
  • Choose the directory on the FTP/sFTP server where the media are.
  • Choose what file extension is allowed.


It is possible to have one or more Media providers attached to an installation. It is also possible to rearrange the order of the media providers. We search for media at the primary provider first and if not found then the second, then the third, and so on.



It is possible to inherit media between media providers! 

To make this happen the configured media providers need to be inherited all the way to the top installation group

 So, if there is defined a media provider on the top group, and no media providers have been configured on any of the levels below (installation group or installation) we should use this.

So if there are ANY media providers defined on the installation level 

we will use ALL media providers on the installation level, but NONE of the providers is configured on any of the installation groups it is part of.
If no media providers are defined on the installation level, we will look to the next level which is the installation group.
If no media providers are defined in the installation group, we will look to the parent group of the installation group.
We should look recursively back to the top group, and stop on the first group with any media providers defined.


Any images found using a media provider are cached on the same level. 

So, images fetched from a media provider on installation are saved on installation. Images fetched from Group are saved on that group.

 The most specific will always have precedence.

We have this hierarchy:
Coop (Top Group)
- Coop Nord (Group)
- Mega (Group)
- Mega Oslo (Installation)

 If the installation (Mega Oslo) has the media provider configured, 

we will use the media providers from there. If the media provider is only configured on the top group (Coop) we will use the media providers here.

Video List

here you can upload videos that you would like to show on your vision4K

Now it is possible to define videos and give them names and thumbnails to easily recognize the videos 

  • Click on create new video in the bottom left

Name: Name the video 

Path: add the path to the video you what to show

Stream: YES, if your video is a stream

                NO, if your video is a download file


Thumbnail: upload a picture to easily recognize the videos you have