This guide shows how to find QR-codes for Breece Mobile Assist on Cloud installations
User admin rights required for cloud user.


Under Installations, press the filter button, see picture below:


Insert the name of the desired installation, use 'Contains' as filtering method.
Press Apply Filter


When the installation is found, double-click the installation or press the green icon on the right side to go to the installation


Hover the mouse over the wrench icon on the right side, choose Users


Tryk på System Access i bunden, tryk derefter på BMA brugeren, herfra kan man scanne QR-koden på skærmen eller trykke "Open PDF" for at kunne udskrive QR-koden fra pdf format.

Press System Access on the bottom of the page, press the BMA user, from here it is possible to scan the QR-code or open it as a pdf to print