If one or more antennas are offline for your cloud installation, follow these steps...

the master antenna is known as the antenna with a big orange dot on the front,

Locate the antenna that is offline

verify green LED on the front is permanently lit.

If the antenna is powered through a power supply, make sure that it is powered on 24/7 to make sure, that all displays always are updated.

If the antenna is powered through PoE and there is no power on the antenna, 

then switch to another port in the switch.

If the switch is segmented into different VLANs be aware of which ports belong to which VLANs.

The antenna must have internet access through the firewall and communication open on TCP port 80 and 443

To get info about the antenna open the cloud installation in your preferred webbrowser, go to the Communicators page, verify the antenna Operational Status:


The communicator is online and ready for work


The communicator is online but not ready for work - it is in the startup phase or resynchronizing with the displays

If the antenna reports Initializing for over 10 minutes, make sure the antenna is not hit by interference.

Other devices using radio frequencies can disturb the antenna functionality.


The communicator is disconnected or in other ways not connecting to Breece Cloud.

Verify ethernet / network connectivity

Verify power supply (PoE or adapter)

Make sure firewall is not blocking the connection