Start by navigating to the V4K page  in the top of the screen on your cloud space.






1. Vision 4K List

This will give you a list of all configured V4K units on your installation, with status on the boxes as well, such as;

 - what design package is used

 - when it was connected and disconnected 

 - the time for the last successful update sent to the box.





Right-clicking on a V4K box will bring up the options for a specific V4K box.*

*Note that not all options will be available, depending on current user rights






  • Assign
    1. Allow you to assign a product – for more info, see below.
  • Logs
    1. Navigates to the log page, where it is possible to request new logs and download it. Use on the log page to download. Refresh the page and right-click the newly generated logfile and download it.
  • Unassign
    1. Removes the attached product from the V4K
  • Reboot
    1. Sends a reboot request to the V4K box
  • Force update
    1. Forces the box to download new materiel (Refreshes data for the current product)
  • Show Position
    1. Shows on the Installation Plan where the device is located (if set).
  • Set Position
    1. Allow you to set the position on the Installation Plan where the device is located physically.
  • Request Screenshot
    1. Sends a download request to get an image of the current display on the V4K box, available for preview on the List page for each V4K box 
  • Configuration
    1. Lets you rename the device and select WIFI profile. (“Master or Slave” should always be master)
  • Unregister device
    1. Releases the V4K box from the installation (NOTE: The V4K Box will disappear for standard users)
  • Factory reset
    1. Reset the box to factory settings (NOTE: The V4K Box will disappear for standard users)


  • Restore to basic
    1. Reset the box to factory settings but keeps the server selection.



2. Configuration

  • Default network configuration

This lets you configure the network settings. This is also where you select the desired WIFI profile (if any – see below for more info).


  • Default paths

Here you can configure where the V4K box will get images, videos and fonts from 

and also set the default image* to show while downloading content and what to show during startup or not being used. 

*Default Image & ‘Download from Master’ - Not yet implemented

If you wish to use a custom font, please contact Breece support.

If you wish to use your own Media Provider, see THIS GUIDE... (External Media Provider )




3. Position

NOTE: In order to use position, an Installation Plan must be uploaded

To assign a position to the V4K box, right click on the device and select "Set position".

This will take you to the Installation Plan. 

Here you can choose between the Installation Plans

Click on the desired location for the V4K box. This will mark the position for the V4K box and lets you set a name for the position.  

If the box is later moved and you want to set a new position, click the "Remove position" and redo step 1.


You can now rightclick the box on the V4K list and select "Show position" to show the position on the Installation Plan.

4. WIFI profiles

This page lets you create WIFI profiles. To create a profile, press the  in the bottom lefthand corner. Fill in the network information and click save.




5. Design Packages

To upload a new design, click the  buttom on the lefthand corner.

Type a name for the package and optionally a comment. 

Press the “Choose File” on Design and Keyframe and navigate to and select the respective files.

Press save to upload.


To use the design, it must be published. 

Right-click the design and select “Show versions”.

Right-click the new version and select “Publish”. If there are older versions you wish to save for later, you can save them by right-clicking and select “Make persistent”. 

Normally, older versions will be deleted when there are more than five (5) versions.



To add a product, 

right-click the V4K box you want to assign a product to and click “Assign”.

In the top left corner, select (or change) the design by clicking the box.


When a design is selected, you can add products using the product number on the right.





 Clicking on the product fields will select the area on the screen, where it is used. 

 This can be used to get a better overview when assigning products.



When there are products assigned, it is possible to use the screenshot from the V4K, as a background for the design, 

to get a better overview when assigning products. 

To use this feature, request a screenshot via the V4K List page and save the image.

Navigate to Design Packages, right-click the design package, and select edit. 

Select the image in the “Package image” field and save.

The screenshot / Package image is shown on the design package (on the page overview) and also on the assigned page, as a background for the design.


6. Scheduled assignment

It is possible to make a scheduled assignment to the Vision4k.

This means that you make a new assignment as normal, but it will be scheduled to update for a later time. This is useful if you know that the assignment should change tomorrow, but keep as it is today.

In the cloudspace, hover the cursor over the Vision4k logo and press "Vision 4K list".

Right click a Vision4k device, choose "Schedule Assign".

From here it is possible to create new scheduled assignments by pressing "Schedule assign" in the bottom left corner.

From here it is like the normal assignment procedure, however two more fields are required, Assign schedule name and Scheduled assign time.

Fill out the rest as normal and Save when done.

The scheduled assignment should now be visible in the scheduled assignments list.