• How to create a new user
  • How to edit user and remove user from installation
  • How to create System access (BMA,BCA,Dataconnactor,API)
  • FTP Infomation

How to create a new user

you need to be a superuser, admin, or have the permission user admin on the group or installation before you can add a new user to the system.

  • Click on the  to access the configuration

  • Click on Users

  • buttom lefthand corner click Add user


  • insert the user's email address

  • Insert the user information

-First name

-Last Name


-System Language 

  • Click on the (grey arrow)   to select the language


Here you can select one of the 4 roles for a user with a set of predefined permissions, which makes it easy to grant a user right.

if you want to give a user other permissions than what the User, Superuser or Admin roles contains, 

then you can select the Custom role where you can select your own set of permissions

A User can only have 1 role pr user in the group level

If you what a user to have a different role on different installation then you need to do this on the installation level


  • Reader
  • DisplayAdmin
  • ProductAdmin


  • Reader
  • DisplayAdmin
  • CommunicatorAdmin
  • QueueAdmin
  • ProductAdmin
  • DynamicImagesAdmin
  • UserAdmin


  • Admin


  • create a special role for the user

when you have selected the role and add the user information 

  • Click Save in the left corner

  • Click Ok if you are sure you will create the user

The new user is now created and ready to use and will receive an automatic email on how to log in

How to edit user and remove a user from installation

right-click on the user and you will get 2 choices

  • Edit user/role  
  • Remove user from the installation

Edit user/role 

In here you can change 

  • Role of the user
  • Firstname
  • Lastname 
  • Phone 
  • Email 
  • System language
  • Reset users Password

Remove User

  • Right-click on the user 
  • Click on Remove

  • Click Remove to delete the user
  • Click Cancel if you don't want to remove the user.

How to create System access (BMA, BCA, Dataconnactor, API)


The QRcode is used for phones or scanner that have Breece mobile assist installed


The token is used for Breece customer Assist


Used for product import


An API key or application programming interface key is a code that gets passed in by computer applications

  • Click on system access in the left corner

  • Click on the  to create BMA, DC, BCA Or API


  • Type in the name for the user and press ok

  • Now you can scan the QR CODE

FTP Information

This is only storage for your FTP information, where you can see your username and password that is given by Breecesupport. 

So if you change the password or username it will have no effect on the FTP user.

  • Click on the  to access the system configuration

  • Click on Installation

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page

If you got a new password by Breece support you can insert it here