Using Cloud GUi it is possible to make the setup used for position in BMA.

To enter the menu location management, click the menu tile:

Now it is possible to act on a single display/product or adding multiple displays to a single section.

Selecting “Single display/product”:

If no position is present, it is possible to set the position. Simply select the plan on which the position should be set and click on the plan. To save the position – click on the position indicator symbol in the top right corner. Attributes will be prompted for if these are configured in cloud.

If a position is already present then position(s) is shown on the plan. Here it is possible to flash the display (or all the displays if product input is given having multiple positions) – Click flash all.

For further information click the small “I” in the top right corner.

This will give more information about the position. E.g. which displays.

It is possible to swipe through the displays and flash a single display from here.

If a display input has been made and therefore only one position is shown, then it is possible to remove the position or replace the position as well.

If configuration has “Promt for position” (set in Cloud):

This means when you are about to assign a product to a display (and the display does not already has a position) the user has to determine if the position should be set.

Same thing with “On unassign – promt for delete position”

This means when you are about to unassign a display (and the display has a position) the user has to determine if the position should be set.

In “product lookup” it is also possible to see the position of display/product.

Note: If these features is not awailable in your Breece Mobile Assist app. Please update to newest version.