From Breece Cloud, it is possible to control the BreeceGo App from the group and/or installation level

here is how to find the configuration for breecego

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            BreeceGo Menu

the Menu buttons to be used for Breecego

The Menu arrows are used to rearrange the Menu buttons in which order is preferred.


here you configure if the button should be must be displayed or not displayed on the app

the setting is default at first.

- Yes 

Botton will be shown on the app


Botton will not be shown on the app

-Yes - Super user-only 

botton will be shown but need a password before accessing (setting for the below see general settings)

General Settings

Configuration for all the settings in BreeceGo. 


Choose between the supported languages

Hide Insight Widget : 

Hides the Widget in the central part of the screen of the app which shows the displays overview and queue overview.

Overwrite PointMobile Scanwedge settings:

Point Mobile can handle one scanwegde setting and is used by another program, we want to use the setting for BreeceGo.

SuperUser Password:

 This is where the password for the Menu Buttons (Yes - super-user only) is set.

Default Input Method

Here the default input method can be selected for ESL serial number barcodes and for product number barcodes.

Select between a Camera - Laser Scanner or Keyboard.

Display features

yes, BreeceGo will control the display when used. 

No, the BreeceGo app will accept even faulty displays. They can afterward be found in Breece Cloud

Product Input Features

Remove leading string 

If there is a leading string, an example could be 5 digits which are in front of every order number, 

the system can remove those when scanned by BreeceGo. 

Just enter the string here to save.

Keyboard Layout ( Product input)

Here the default Keyboard layout can be selected between Numeric and Standard ( Alfa)

Convert Code 39 to 32

this setting ( Often called the farmaceutical conversion, because of its use in Italian pharmacies) is used to convert a barcode 39 into a 32.


Camera Barcode Scanning

Press to scan 

Makes sure you don't scan anything unintentionally. 

When enabled the camera will only scan for barcodes when the user presses the button.

Confirm Camera input  

When enabled each scan should be confirmed by the user

Lock the settings

There is a lock to the right of the setting. 

If the lock is set, then the setting can not be overwritten locally on the device. 

If the lock is open, then the user can overwrite the setting of the BreeceGo locally on the device.


In this sub-menu, it is possible to set the extra features on the device

Continuous scanning: 

keeps scanner on all the time

Code duplicate filter:

Time in ms before a rescan can be made - Please note that this setting will only apply while "Continuous scanning" is enabled. 

Preferred resolution: 

set on auto and not be edit 

Beep enabled:

enable or disable the device to use a beep sound

Vibration enabled:

enable or disable the device to  use vibration

Barcode Symbology (Normally this is not changed): 

In this sub-menu, it is possible to activate the barcode standards you wish to use on your system.

Barcode Symbology Properties:

Here the properties of some special Barcode handling can be made.

BreceGo Notification

 From Breece Cloud, it is possible to set up BreeceGo Notifications.  

here is how to find it on the cloud

Notification Types

Here it is possible to enable or disable different notification types. 

when enabled the different notifications will appear in the message part of the BreeceGo app.

They are marked with colors:

Red is an alert

Yellow is a warning

Green is OK

Alarm Configuration

When an alarm is enabled it has to be configured:

Notify when lowered 

When this is checked, it determines to send a notification when the alarm is no more, either because it is resolved or no longer active.

The threshold 

is the minimum time from an alarm that goes off until it reaches the BreeceGo app.