BreeceSmartQueue (BSQ), works by combining a numbered queuing system on the cloud system with our V4K product displaying and a label printer connected to a touchscreen.

The BSQ consists of an online configuration, a physically queuestand to request and print tickets , 

an app to manage the queue and a (/multiple) V4K box(es) to display the selected info regarding the queues.

The cloud system contains all the configuration that rules how the queues work and look like. 

The V4k will display information for the consumers about the queues and the queuestand prints out the physical queuenumber.

The V4K can display different info about the queues. 

  1. Buttons to print queue numbers
  2. The last number pulled in the queues
  3. Current number being processed by cashiers
  4. Histories of event in the queues (the same info you see on the cloud under Queuing overview, like what cashier processed what number)

The V4K can also show images and videos, along with the queue information. 


Getting started with BreeceSmartQueue – BSQ!

1. Contact Delfi to enable the feature.


2. Configure the BSQ

2.1 Queues: 

Start by navigating to your cloud space and click the Queuing icon. This shows the overview of the BSQ.

Create queues by clicking the + in the QUEUES section. Fill in the info:

  • Name: Name of the Queue
  • Prefix: Short identifier of the Queue, used on the ticket & BSQ Cashier app
  • Text on the button: Text inside the button on the Queuestand (& Breece Consumer App)
  • Text on print: Text that is shown on the print (& Breece Consumer App)
  • Sound: The sound that will be played when a number is pulled. Use the filename of your sound file and configure the path under V4K. See the V4K section below.
  • The number from The starting number of the Queue
  • Number to: The last number of the Queue
  • Number of histories: How many entries of history is saved
  • Active from: What time does the Queue activate/open
  • Active to: What time will the Queue shutdown
  • Reset time: Reset the Queue back to the starting number
  • Font color: Color of the font for queues on design and Queuestand. Click on the color canvas to select a color.
  • Background color: Color of the background for queues on design and Queuestand

2.2 Cashiers:

Create Cashiers.

Cashiers are the point of “sale”, a desk that handles the tickets provided. A user can log in to the BSQ Cashier app and select what desk and queue to handle. Contact Delfi to create users.

Click the + in the CASHIERS section. Enter the name of the cashier(s) / desks that handle the queues.



Enable the queue stand 

Preconfigured from Delfi.



Assign the V4K box


If you wish to have sounds played when numbers are pulled or processed, you can upload a sound file to be played.

The file must be placed in the Font path, configured under the V4K Configuration, default paths.

Contact Delfi to acquire a design.

When a design is uploaded, you can right-click the V4K box in the list and assign it to the design. 

You are now ready to start using the BSQ.




Download and install the cashier app from the cloudspace, under Cashier app list.


-Open the BSQ Cashier app. The first time you open the app, 

it needs to be configured and you choose what cloudspace the installation is installed on 

- select from the dropdown menu. 

If you later wish to change the cloud, the app must be reinstalled.

-After you choose a language, 

Log in with the cashier user credentials. 

Contact Breece support to get a cashier user, if you don’t have one.

When you are logged in,

- select what environment you want to access - (usually, there will only be a single option here). 

On the next screen, select your installation.

Finish the configuration and open the app. 

Now all that is left, is to choose what cashier is using the app and start working the queues.

  1. Click here to process the next number.
  2. Click here for more options.

  1. Change the queue that you are working on.
  2. Change cashier
  3. More options*
  4. Logout with the current user
  5. Close the application





  • Change the language.
  • Select what queue select when the app is started
  • On-Top mode means that the box will always be shown in front of everything.