In the Vision tab, you can manage all your Visions. Use the filtersto find the Vision you are looking for.

Vision actions

Vision actions allow you to add, assign Visions and more. 

Vision right click actions


Click a product field and type or scan the product to assign the product.  

Bottom action bar

Split screen to enable split screen. You can see in the edit window that a new column has appeared.

Full screen to enable full screen. Now there is only a single column in the edit window.

Release will release all products from the Vision.

Preview opens a new window. Wait for the preview to load.

Commit to save the assignment IMPORTANT !!!


Location - Set the location of the device to better identify it.

Slideshow interval - Set the time in seconds where the slide show will change.

Multi product order type - Set how the products are ordered.

Enable overscan - Here you can fit output to the screen.

Migration is used to migrate a vision to another installation.

Assign History will get you a list of the assign history

Queue History will get you a list of the queue history

Vision multi actions

Force Update forces the vision to update creating new images and loads the images into the device.

Delete Vision removes the vision from the installation.

Bottom action bar

Add Vision adds a new Vision to the installation. 

Detailed Information

Is spilt?: 

Tells if the screen is running split screen.

Latest communication info: 

Multiple fields. These will hold information about the latest information like if the vision is in queue and Last Successfully Communication.

IP address:

The device IP address.

Slideshow interval:

Shows the time in seconds when that pages in the slide show will change.


Click to see a preview off the vision.