The field EncodingSelected it is possible to enter a name of a codepage. For example enter utf-8 and UTF-8 will be used for that installation / installation group

Possible values can be found on the site below, use the Name column

Remember if there is no checkmark in the .NET framework support the underlying operating system need to have support for that encoding.

If no encoding is defined or the encoding is invalid, Encoding.Default will be used instead.

How to change the coding.

Start by finding the installation ID.

Open the correct DB - DPS155 for Cloudent + Cloud02 + Cloud03

Use this SQL to find the ConfigID:

-- Get configuration ID from Installation ID 

select ActiveProductImportConfig from vw_InstallationActiveConfiguration where Installationid=67



-- Update that configuration ID with the decided settings. eg. Encoding or product import finalizing details. 

begin transaction 

update ConfigurationProductImport set EncodingSelected = 'iso-8859-1' where ConfigId = 52 

rollback transaction