Migration steps (On-Premises -> Cloud)

Optional - link file 

Else useEmpty Migration file.


  • Create function fncCreateMigrationProductLink in Breece database
    • Create function fncCreateMigrationProductLink(@serialNumber varchar(50), @maxPlacement int)
      returns nvarchar(MAX)
                  DECLARE QueueCursor CURSOR FAST_FORWARD FOR
                  SELECT ProductNumber From display_assigned_tbl Where DisplaySerialNumber = @serialNumber and Placement <= @maxPlacement ORDER BY Placement
                  declare @productNumber nvarchar(50)
                  declare @assignString nvarchar(MAX)
                  set @assignString = ''
                  OPEN QueueCursor;
                  FETCH NEXT FROM QueueCursor INTO @productNumber
                  while @@FETCH_STATUS = 0
                               set @assignString = @assignString + '|' + @productNumber
                               FETCH NEXT FROM QueueCursor INTO @productNumber
                  CLOSE QueueCursor;
                  DEALLOCATE QueueCursor;
                  if @assignString = ''
                               set @assignString = null
                  return @assignString

  • Get migration data (link file)
    • SQL
      sqlcmd -S .\SQLBREECE -U sa -P Br33c3Adm1n -d breece -Q "set nocount on;select d.SerialNumber  +  dbo.fncCreateMigrationProductLink(d.SerialNumber, case when  d.LayoutID is not null and d.LayoutID != '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000' and d.LayoutID != d.DisplayID then 99 else 1 end) + case when d.LayoutID is not null and d.LayoutID != '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000' and d.LayoutID != d.DisplayID then  '|' + cast(d.LayoutID as varchar(50)) else '' end from display_tbl d where dbo.fncCreateMigrationProductLink(d.SerialNumber, case when  d.LayoutID is not null and d.LayoutID != '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000' and d.LayoutID != d.DisplayID then 99 else 1 end) is not null" -o "c:\LinkFile_Migration.txt" -h-1 -W


  • Backup Breece On-Premises solution, getting backup data:
    • Breece database
    • Bounce XML backup file
  • Turn off Bounce communicators.
  • Uninstall Breece including BounceCommV3 service and databases.
  • Promote Dynamic Communicator to DC with same license as the On-Premises installation.
  • Extract BounceMigrator utility to C:\temp\BounceMigrator
  • Copy the BreeceBackup file and extract it to retrieve the BounceSystemBackup-000000000000000.gz file
  • Run BounceMigrator to transfer display data into the Dynamic Communicator

BounceMigrator.exe -b "C:\temp\BreeceBackup_20180206\BounceSystemBackup-131624008862974532.gz" -l "C:\Program Files (x86)\Delfi Technologies\Breece Server\Licenses\LOKOUFHMLOIMJHOKULOIGPVTR.xml" -s ZC00002693 -n -d "C:\temp\logs"

Now open your Installation on the web interface. 

  • You should see a migration configuration. If not contact Breece Support.
  • (Optional) If you use the Link file import products before you proceed with the migration.

  • Follow the migration process. Use the link file(This will attach Products to displays from the old installation) Use the EmptyMigration file if you don't need the Products attached displays.