Migration steps (On-Premises -> Cloud)

Optional - link file 

Else useEmpty Migration file.


  • Create function fncCreateMigrationProductLink in Breece database
    • Create function fncCreateMigrationProductLink(@serialNumber varchar(50), @maxPlacement int)
      returns nvarchar(MAX)
                  DECLARE QueueCursor CURSOR FAST_FORWARD FOR
                  SELECT ProductNumber From display_assigned_tbl Where DisplaySerialNumber = @serialNumber and Placement <= @maxPlacement ORDER BY Placement
                  declare @productNumber nvarchar(50)
                  declare @assignString nvarchar(MAX)
                  set @assignString = ''
                  OPEN QueueCursor;
                  FETCH NEXT FROM QueueCursor INTO @productNumber
                  while @@FETCH_STATUS = 0
                               set @assignString = @assignString + '|' + @productNumber
                               FETCH NEXT FROM QueueCursor INTO @productNumber
                  CLOSE QueueCursor;
                  DEALLOCATE QueueCursor;
                  if @assignString = ''
                               set @assignString = null
                  return @assignString

  • Get migration data (link file)
    • SQL
      sqlcmd -S .\SQLBREECE -U sa -P Br33c3Adm1n -d breece -Q "set nocount on;select d.SerialNumber  +  dbo.fncCreateMigrationProductLink(d.SerialNumber, case when  d.LayoutID is not null and d.LayoutID != '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000' and d.LayoutID != d.DisplayID then 99 else 1 end) + case when d.LayoutID is not null and d.LayoutID != '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000' and d.LayoutID != d.DisplayID then  '|' + cast(d.LayoutID as varchar(50)) else '' end from display_tbl d where dbo.fncCreateMigrationProductLink(d.SerialNumber, case when  d.LayoutID is not null and d.LayoutID != '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000' and d.LayoutID != d.DisplayID then 99 else 1 end) is not null" -o "c:\LinkFile_Migration.txt" -h-1 -W


  • Backup Breece On-Premises solution, getting backup data:
    • Breece database
    • Bounce XML backup file
  • Turn off Bounce communicators.
  • Uninstall Breece including BounceCommV3 service and databases.
  • Promote Dynamic Communicator to DC with same license as the On-Premises installation.
  • Extract BounceMigrator utility to C:\temp\BounceMigrator
  • Copy the BreeceBackup file and extract it to retrieve the BounceSystemBackup-000000000000000.gz file
  • Run BounceMigrator to transfer display data into the Dynamic Communicator

BounceMigrator.exe -b "C:\temp\BreeceBackup_20180206\BounceSystemBackup-131624008862974532.gz" -l "C:\Program Files (x86)\Delfi Technologies\Breece Server\Licenses\LOKOUFHMLOIMJHOKULOIGPVTR.xml" -s ZC00002693 -n -d "C:\temp\logs"

Now open your Installation on the web interface. 

  • You should see a migration configuration. If not contact Breece Support.
  • Make a full product import
  • Open another pane in the browser and hit another installation. Choose antennas and change the cloud id to the one you will migrate.
  • Add the master DC antenna and se it goes online.
  • Wait untill the displays are loaded. Choose another installation, choose displays and change the cloud id to the current migration.
  • When all displays are imported go to the migration page and import the linkfile
  • (Optional) If you use the Link file import products before you proceed with the migration.

  • Follow the migration process. Use the link file(This will attach Products to displays from the old installation) Use the EmptyMigration file if you don't need the Products attached displays.
  • Remember that you first install the pimarly antenne after the backup is uploaded to the antenna. If you install antenna. There must be no extenders and you have to change the openvpn IP to somthing that gets the antenna unreacheble. When the antenna is online and the backup is uploadet. yod either add the main antenna or give it the right ip. When it is online. Go to the migration site in cloud and upload the ( Emty ? ) linkfile.