For System Admins:

When a Vision 4K gets turned on for the first time and is connected to the internet - the box will report to Cloud.

Upon reporting it will be possible to see the Vision4K in the “Unregistered list”. This means that the box has been online but is not yet moved to an Installation.

From the “Unregistered list” it is possible to move the V4K to an installation or move to external system by right-clicking on the V4K. When moving to an installation just follow the guide.

If the V4K has been moved to another system like DEMO or an Enterprise installation it will be listed in the “Externally managed” list.

For installation admins and installation readers.

In installation you see all the V4K option by clicking the V4K icon in the top bar.

Vision4K list:

In the list it is possible to see all V4Ks moved to the installation. Here it is also possible to create V4Ks that are not yet know on the installation. If the serial number is in the “Unregistered list” (and therefore not moved to an installation) the V4K will automatically be moved to the installation. If it is not yet known to the system it is still possible to create the V4K. This makes it possible to prepare the system with a serial number while the V4K is offline (e.g. in transport) and when the V4K is connected to the internet it will be ready in the installation.


Here the paths are set from where all the material should be downloaded.

Set the path for images, videos, fonts. Supported paths URL and FTP (soon SFTP).

Select Default Network Configuration to set up default settings for all V4Ks in installation.

In the network configuration it is possible to set a configuration that will be automatically set for all V4Ks on current installation – if configuration for the single V4K has not been set. Setting up configuration for single V4K is done by right-clicking on the V4K from the list.


See a list of your current WIFI-profiles and easily create others.

The Wifi-profiles are used for the default wifi-profile on the installation (Configuration) or to be selected in the configuration of the single V4K.


Upload your different designs you want to use on your V4K (xml files).

Vision4K list (right-click actions):

Get an overview of you current V4Ks moved to this installation.

From here it is possible to make different actions on your V4K by right-clicking on the line.

Assign: Assign the design and the material needed for the selected design.

When design is selected the Items input needed for the design is shown to the right. By clicking on the input fields you are able to see in which area this is located.

Video: Video file name

Image: image file name

Product: number or reorder code

Unassign: Unassign the current assignment – setting the visual output of the V4K to default.

Reboot: Reboots the V4K

Factory Reset: Resets the V4K to the factory settings (WARNING: make sure to consult support before using this action).

Return to Basic: Resets the V4K to basics but keeping the current assignment/settings (Will be downloaded again).

Configuration: Setting the configuration on the V4K will overwrite the default configuration set on the installation. When setting the V4K to slave you need to type the serial number of the master V4K.

Unregister device: Returns the V4K to the “Unregistered list” of V4Ks.

Questions: Please call support.