This is not complete guide!! Get the last steps and tools from Breece Support Team -

Required Tools and files:

  • Tool - dd_dc_config
  • Tool - dd_dc_test_client
  • File - Antenna license file (Contact Breece Support to get it)
  • File - Antenna backup
    1. Get the latest valid backup from your cloud installation
    2. Go to Communicators tab
    3. Click View Backups in the bottom 
    4. Select the latest valid backup and download it

Place all the required tools and files in this directory "C:\temp"

Upgrade the new antenna to Dynamic/Master

  1. Open command prompt
  2. Run the command "C:\temp\dd_dc_config\dd_dc_config.exe enable-dynamic-communicator -s [INSERT SERIALNUMBER] -l “c:\temp\[INSERT LICENSEKEY].xml”

Read the backup into the New Master antenna

  • Open command prompt
  • Run command "C:\temp\dd_dc_test_client\dd_dc_test_client.exe --intel [INSERT SERIALNUMBER] -c wc -l "C:\temp\[INSERT LICENSEKEY].xml" --key "C:\temp\dd_dc_test_client\dbbackup_dsa_pub.der" -a DR --restore "c:\temp\[INSERT BACKUPNAME].bak"