Mobile Assist device configurations

Download the app on your Android device.

To login scan the QR code.

Configuring Breece Mobile Assist

In the top left corner, you can select between Configuration and Menu


In the Configuration tab, you can configure how to interact with BMA

Input settings

You can set which input method you want as the default input in this section. This does not mean that you won't be able to use the other methods. It only means when you enter an action the input method of your choice will be active.

Input Setting(Adjustable for Displays and Products)
When enabled use the on-screen keyboard to type displays or products.
When enabled use the camera scan input to scan displays or products.
Scan (Default)
When enabled use the scanner on your device to scan displays or products.

Confirm camera input
When enabled and using the camera, Mobile Assist will ask you to validate the input from the camera.

When you have validated the camera input Press Next.

Press for camera scan
If enabled, this setting will enable you to control, when the camera is searching for a barcode to scan.
Press anywhere on the screen to activate the camera.


If disabled, it will always be searching for a barcode to scan.
Convert camera input UPC to EAN
Will enable UPC to EAN conversion when using the camera scan function.
Convert Code 39 to Code 32
Will enable conversion from Code39 to Code32.
Remove leading string
Set a text or symbols that, when scanning a product number, will be removed from the start.


If you have typed in the input field 'PZN- ' and I have a product that is "PZN- 1234",

then BMA will remove the string from product input giving only "1234".

Product keyboard input - numeric only
Changes the product keyboard to a numeric-only keyboard. If your products only consist of numbers enable this setting.
Display status check
When you encounter displays that need attention, like "low battery", you will be prompted for a message telling you whats wrong.

Assign product

Validate product input
When assigning a product, Mobile Assist will look on all products in the installation and validate that the product exists.

Enabled - You can't assign products, that doesn't exist in the installation.

Disabled - You can assign products, that doesn't exist in the installation. The display will show a "product not found" error.

Override product validation option
Can only be enabled if "Validation product input" is enabled.

Enabled - Will assign the product even if has not been validated. The display will show a "product not found" error if not validated.

Disabled -You can't assign products, that doesn't exist in the installation.


Select language

Available languages

  • English
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • German
  • Italian


In the Menu tab, you can configure what menus will be available in BMA

Drag and drop menu tiles and arrange the menu tiles as you see fit. 

Adds a new row.
Adds a new page.
Reset to default
Resets the tiles to the default configuration.
Removes all the tiles from the configuration.
Saves the configuration.