To restore a Breece Server you need to have a Backup off the system. Either you have a backup or you can get a new by running the System backup task in the Task Scheduler. It is preferred that the backup is as up to date as possible. Make sure that the backup is viable by checking that files in the backup is greater than 0KB


  1. Activate Breece server
  2. Make sure the master comminicator is online and the connection to the antenna is stable.
  3. Activate the DisplayAPI license in the Activate Breece program. (you can't activate the DisplayAPI license if you have configured displays on the system.)
  4. You are now ready to restore the system.

*** Note that the system you are trying to restore must run the same server version as the system from where you got the backup. ***

Select the path to your backup. if your backup is a folder, browse folder. If your backup is a file, browse file.

Click restore. Wait for the restore to finish and then close the program.


note: if the user does not have access set user in Configuration.xml in the server folder. 

user=sa; Password=Br33c3Adm1n