In normal operation this rectangular LED will be flashing green, either in a slow, one second-off pattern, or in a more rapid continuous pattern. The fast pattern indicates that the communicator is ready to receive connections from a Bounce system, and the slow pattern indicates that a Bounce system is currently connected to it.
  • Solid green: System booting
  • One flash red, pause: Network problem (no DHCP and no fallback configured, or bad network configuration)
  • Two flashes green, pause: ZBD package currently running
  • Two flashes red, pause: ZBD package execution failed
  • Three flashes red, pause: No bootable main firmware present
  • Four flashes red, pause: Internal flash is corrupt - factory reset required
  • Continuous red flashing: Writing to internal flash – do not interrupt power when it is in this state!

When the communicator is powered up, or when it reboots, it goes through a brief LED test sequence: 1. Orange for approximately 1.5 seconds. 2. Off for approximately 10 seconds. 3. Solid green to indicate start of boot process. Then, in a normal boot process, the LED will show continuous rapid green flashing to indicate that it is ready to receive connections from Bounce. The boot process takes about 2 minutes, depending on communicator configuration and network environment.